The Data Platform helps turn data into action for Observability, IT, Security and more. The Splunk Platform removes barriers between data and action, empowering IT and security teams to ensure their organizations are secure, agile, and innovative. Founded in 2003, Splunk is a global company – with more than 7,500 employees, 850 patents and availability in 21 regions around the world – and offers a scalable, open data platform that supports shared data across any environment, so all teams in an organization can get end-to-end visibility for every interaction and business process. 


Ensuring system security and resiliency while accelerating innovation is a business imperative. These results can be obtained with data. That’s why customers choose Splunk. 

Unlock innovation Innovation comes in many forms: transformative business change and incremental optimization. Both types of innovation are anticipated based on having secure and flexible systems. With Splunk, customers effectively ensure security and resiliency, freeing up resources to identify opportunities in their data and deliver innovations, even in the face of the impossible prediction. 

Improving security Solid security posture is becoming increasingly challenging as the complexity of attacks and the attack surface continue to evolve. Splunk enables customers to modernize their security operations, delivering a stronger, unified security posture across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. The result: more efficient and agile Security Operations Centers (SOCs) that support business growth. 

Increased resilience As the percentage of business that is conducted digitally continues to soar, system resilience has become critical to business resilience. With Splunk, customers have a real-time view of the health and performance of all layers of their technology system —– from the underlying infrastructure to end-user applications —– enabling optimized performance by proactively identifying problems and promoting quick solutions. Customers reduce costs and drive profits, while managing their systems at the speed of digital business. 


Splunk helps you turn data into action with scalability. 

Splunk Scalable Data Platform provides a flexible and extensible platform that supports a wide range of use cases. You can take advantage of the search and reporting, security and visibility solutions built by Splunk, the more than 2,400 apps available on Splunkbase, and build custom apps tailored to your specific needs. 

Integrated visibility and security Splunk offers market-leading purpose-built solutions that deliver unified security and honest visibility. Technology teams can effectively meet their goals with these specialized applications and collaborate across teams as needed using shared data and shared workspaces. 

Splunk end-to-end data coverage is source-agnostic, covering your entire technology landscape – multicloud, hybrid, and edge. Splunk imports metrics, logs, and traces with full fidelity, giving you end-to-end contextual visibility that helps business to spend less time piecing together data and more time processing it. 

World-leading investigation Splunk gives you the flexibility to query unstructured data and add structure on the fly, with our proprietary schema-reading technology. Streaming analytics ensures near-real-time access to analytics-driven insights. Combined with full fidelity data coverage and pervasive AI, Splunk ensures that you can pinpoint signals from noise faster with high scalability. 

Fast action times Transforming insights into action at scale is easy with Splunk’s built-in orchestration and automation capabilities enhanced by AI/ML. You can reduce manual heavy lifting, simplify workflow, and efficiently scale operations to respond at machine speed.