With the integration of artificial intelligence AI, Machine Learning, Automation technology and other advanced security solutions, HTC Incident Response will ensure that the network system and the applications and services of customers will be protected and monitored. HTC Incident Response information security incident response service is also known as information security incident response service. This is one of the network security solutions that many companies and businesses choose to use in recent times. So what is HTC Incident Response, what are the advantages and outstanding features, please refer to the article below!

What is HTC Incident Response?

HTC Incident Response is a security monitoring service offered from the HTC SOC Cyber Security Operations Center. This service is the result of the integration of artificial intelligence technology AI, Machine Learning and Automation with a series of other advanced security. HTC Incident Response’s mission is to protect the network and service applications that are always strictly monitored and monitored, ensuring troubleshooting at any time. HTC Incident Response is part of the three solutions of HTCServices.

Highlights of HTC Incident Response information security incident response service

The HTC Incident Response information security incident response service has outstanding features such as: Always respond promptly to any network security-related incident by experienced experts at the HTC SOC monitoring center 24/7. Threats are no longer a concern when HTC Incident Response develops the HTC Threat Intelligence platform that provides powerful assistance in finding and removing threats. Get reports and in-depth analysis from HTC Cyber Security’s professional incident investigation team. Get recommendations on system upgrades and patching, and quick remedial action in the event of an incident. The entire process of handling and responding to incidents is guaranteed according to national standards TCVN 11239:2015 ISO/IEC 27035:2011

Features of HTC Incident Response information security incident response service

With HTC Incident Response, this service creates an ISO-compliant process as follows. Start processing > Receive information and events > Collect relevant information > Analyze the situation, and plan to handle it in accordance with ISO 27035 > Handle > Finish . Specifically, when it begins to receive important notifications about the occurrence of a problem, HTC Cyber ​​Security begins to synthesize the appropriate methods to quickly resolve the problem. With the experience and quality of human resources of HTC Global, customers will minimize the time affected by information security incidents, ensure maximum safety for information systems, and minimize damage. As mentioned above, these processes all meet the standard 11239:2015 ISO/IEC 27035:2011, which will classify these incidents in 5 categories as: Unauthorized access, Denial of service attack, Attacks from malicious code-malware, Unauthorized exploitation and information collection Data leakage.

The benefits that customers get from HTC Incident Response

Implementing the HTC Incident Response information security incident response service will bring businesses specific benefits such as: Help prevent/remediate security incidents quickly. Minimize and minimize economic losses as well as disruptions in the operation of organizations. Information system is always guaranteed 24/7/365 days. Always live up to HTC Cyber Security’s service commitments. Hopefully, through the article below, you will understand more about the advantages and outstanding features of the HTC Incident Response information security and safety incident response service and use it effectively for your company and business. For more advice on industry solutions, please leave your information below the article, HTC Global will contact you for the fastest response.