ForeScout is one of the world’s leading solutions, pioneering in the field of monitoring and managing all access to the network in real time and automatically enhancing security capabilities 

Access detection and monitoring

ForeScout allows to monitor the arrival of new Assets at the moment they are connected to the network by active or passive technologies (active/passive) to administer the entire system continuously in real-time. The solution is capable of monitoring the presence of all types of Assets (devices, virtual machines) inside the system (for example, managed devices), non-supported devices. It supports management capabilities (Unmanaged devices), IoT devices) in all types of environments (wired and wireless Campus networks, data centers, cloud, industrial environments). It also classifies, evaluates these new devices and monitor continuously until they leave the system. 

Access control

ForeScout allows building sophisticated security policies to manage devices inside the system and automatically implement access restrictions based on established policies, find and fix security vulnerabilities. security on workstations inside the system. When it detects security issues from devices, ForeScout automatically executes responses based on the severity of the breach. Minor violations will trigger the system to send warnings to users. Serious violations will lead to stronger policies such as ejecting the device from the system, isolating the device to a safe area, forcing the reinstallation of security applications, restarting the prescribed processes , or other policies to reduce the threat level from the offending device. 

Ecosystem Connection

Forescout is capable of sharing information and connecting with other security solutions, forming a unified block to protect the network by linking useful information to automatically generate appropriate policies to respond to threats 

The whole process can be automated and executed at the time of attacks, completely real-time. Possibility of linking with several solutions: Advanced Threat Detection ( ATD), Client Management Tools (CMT), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Endpoint Protection Platform/Endpoint Detection & Response (EPP/EDR), IT Service Management (ITSM), Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Privileged Access Management ( PAM), Secure Cloud Computing, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Vulnerability Assessment (VA)