The Dynatrace software intelligence platform

Transform faster, automate your dynamic multicloud, and align multiple teams with unparalleled observability, application security, and AIOps on one platform.

Broadest multicloud & technology support

Harness and unify even the most complex dynamic multiclouds, with out-of-the box support for all major cloud platforms and technologies.

Observability and so much more

Get a broader view of your environment. One that includes metrics, logs, and traces, as well as a full topological model with distributed tracing, code-level detail, entity relationships, and even user experience and behavioral data – all in context.

600+ supported technologies

We’re open, extensible, and integrate with all major cloud platforms and solutions.

Easy, open, and automated integration

Weave Dynatrace’s open API into your existing ecosystem to drive automation in everything from development and releases to cloud ops and business processes.

Fast and flexible deployment

Get a SaaS delivery and experience whether you store and process data in our cloud or on your premises.