Deep instinct overview

Utilizing Deep Learning Framework, Deep Instinct provides a zero-time threat prevention platform with multi-layered protection against any known or unknown threat from file or fileless attack. Unlike solutions that rely on detection and response, which wait to execute an attack to react, or post execution, our Deep Learning-based preventionfocused approach helps our customers protected, while significantly reducing costs. With the ability to predict and stop any type of threat – known and unknown, every Endpoint Device, Server, Mobile Device, Network and Operating System are protected against any type of attack. This threat-prevention approach ensures attacks are identified and stopped in “zero” time, before any damage can be done. It’s time to start making your security stack more efficient, less expensive, and less dependent on the incident response capabilities of the SOC team. This maintains a reliable index consistently. 


By using Deep Learning, Deep Instinct can predict and stop any kind of threat: known or unknown anywhere anytime. Endpoints, Servers, Mobile Devices, Networks and Operating Systems are all protected against any form of attack, be it fileless or file-based. This advanced approach to threat prevention ensures that attacks are identified and prevented before any damage can be done. 


Using Deep Learning, Deep Instinct provides a predictive threat prevention platform. Multi-layered protection is provided in the pre-, post-, and post-implementation phases. It is based on a prevention-first approach, followed by automated detection and response, analysis, and remediation. Unlike detection and response based cybersecurity solutions, which wait for the execution of an attack to react, our advanced prevention approach proactively keeps our customers protected with how to prevent the attack from entering and causing any damage. 

  • Prevents the possibility of recovery 
  • Stop unknown threats through learning and prediction 
  • 100% based on raw data, non-linear model 
  • Ensure business continuity as new threat campaigns emerge 
  • Zero-time automatic operation means no delay 
  • Deep Learning Brain is intensively trained by Deep Instinct