What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a security solution or, to put it another way, information security software that can help a company mitigate the cyber security risk associated with privileged accounts and secure privileged accounts and credentials in an effective manner. It introduces a new class of tailored security solutions that enable administrators to avoid reacting to cyber threats.

History of CyberArk

Alon N. Cohen and current CEO Udi Mokady  launched CyberArk in Israel in 1999. They formed a team of security professionals who implemented the digital vault technology. CyberArk’s headquarters are in Newton, Massachusetts, in the United States. In addition, the corporation maintains offices in America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), Asia Pacific, and Japan. CyberArk filed for an IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission in June 2014, citing $66.2 million in revenue in 2013. The following year, CyberArk went public and began trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol CYBR. Viewfinity, a privately held Massachusetts-based firm specializing in privilege management and application control software, announced plans to be acquired by CyberArk.

CyberArk Architecture

The CyberArk Privileged Access Security platform comprises modules that provide highly secure services for storing and transferring passwords between businesses. The modules contain- VPN, Firewall, Access Control, Encryption, Authentication, etc.

There are two primary elements of solution architecture.

  • Storage engine: The storage engine, also known as a server or Vault, keeps the data and is in charge of safeguarding it at rest, as well as assuring authentication and limited access.
  • Interface: The interface is also known as the Windows interface, the Web interface, and SDKs. This interface interacts with the storage engine and grants users and applications access to the data. CyberArk’s secure protocol or a vault protocol is used to communicate between the interface and the storage engine.
Benefits of CyberArk
  1. Tracking credentials is simple: If you use CyberArk’s privileged account security solution, you can effortlessly track CyberArk certificates instead of manually managing passwords. CyberArk will handle the tedious portion of the track, and you won’t have to worry about other credentials, and it will take less time.
  2. Increased time savings: CyberArk offers a computerized password management capability that can help to remove manual processes, reducing password management time consumption.
  3. Lack of uniformity in revised guidelines: There will be no monotony in revising regulations because CyberArk offers admins the tools they need to work and effectively modify privilege guidelines for users.
  4. Lack of duplication in policy updates: CyberArk allows administrators to control, monitor, and upgrade user privilege mechanisms, ensuring no redundancy in policy updates.