Allied Telesis (アライドテレシス, Araido Tereshisu):

As a network infrastructure company – telecommunications established in 1987. With a global network of services, Allied Telesis mainly provides Switches (switches), Routers (routers) and Firewalls (firewalls). for corporate clients, education and government. With conventional phone service system combined with advanced switching capabilities to ensure a routing solution, operators and providers of public and private networks of all sizes can easily deploy open wide, network-grade to efficiently deliver voice, video, and data services. 

Why choose Allied Telesis?

Competitive advantage: Allied Telesis is a global provider of Ethernet & IP security solutions and is also a leader in deploying IP triple play over copper and fiber network infrastructure and is also one of the leading companies in the world in automation. Originating from Japan with 12 offices in Southeast Asia , Asia Pacific , Australia , New Zealand and Singapore . With system developed all over the world. Allied Telesis challenges the competition with giants such as Cisco, Juniper, HPE… Typical technologies: Chipset is designed to run the new generation operating system “Allied Ware Plus” with duriability and easy configuration and repair. All devices are guaranteed for 5 years and invented proprietary automation technologies. • Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) and Enterprise SDN support centralized network management for businesses with one or more branches including both wired and wireless networks. AWC-CB, AWC-SC and AWC-Sec are the highlights for Allied Telesis to compete with the world’s giants in network technology such as Cisco, Juniper, HPE. • Autonomous Wireless Controller (AWC) helps to centrally administer the Wireless network, especially with WC-CB (Channel Blanket) technology to ensure that packets are not dropped when roaming and AWC-SC (Smart Connect) is convenient. It is beneficial to expand the network system when the locations cannot deploy cable infrastructure. • AMF-Sec features enterprise network security, access control and detection of attacks inside the network and coordinates with firewall devices such as Baracuda, Fortinet, Baloato to create a comprehensive security solution for data inside the enterprise and the Internet.